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Impact of Change in Climate on Respiratory Diseases

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Impact of Change in Climate on Respiratory Diseases

Not just the modern way of living that restricts physical exercise and encourages different eating habits, climate changes too pose a threat to the respiratory health of the common people. Climate is found to have a profound impact on the health of normal people, more so with those having allergy-related issues.

Climate Change and its Impact on the Modern World
Studies have shown that apart from having risen noticeably in the past, changes in climate are expected to get worse in the future. Representing one of the major threats to respiratory health, this issue renders the public susceptible to diseases related to the lungs in the following possible ways:
 Respiratory diseases may be directly promoted or aggravated
 Exposure to risk factors causing respiratory diseases may be increased
 Lifestyle-related medical conditions and diseases may be increased

Reasons Why Climate Change Increases Risk of Respiratory Diseases
The amount of allergen and pollen that is produced by plants is getting increased with climate changes. Outdoor ozone and particulate matter gets proliferated and concentrated at ground level due to changes in climate.

People with normal health are rendered susceptible to certain lungs-related diseases such as rhino sinusitis, respiratory infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and asthma by these factors. Individuals having pre-existing respiratory conditions and diseases are at an even higher risk.

The Role of Pulmonologists in Managing Climate Change-related Diseases
Responsible for managing the lungs functioning and respiratory diseases in their patients, Pulmonologists have been pressed for time during the recent past. Not just climate changes, the modern lifestyle also contributes to the recent rise in the number of pulmonary diseases. The specialty of pulmonology, dealing with the diagnosis, treatment, and management of respiratory organs, is one busy department in the modern medical practices.

Need for Accurate and Reliable Medical Transcription by Pulmonologists
While being required to see an increasing number of patients with respiratory diseases, pulmonologists have to document their patient reports and their health records in accordance with the modern legal mandates and medical standards set by governing bodies. The shift from volume-based reimbursement to quality-based model with increased legal necessities also makes physicians busier. All these factors necessitate them partnering with efficient and reliable medical transcription service providers.

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