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Make Medical Transcripts Error-free Through Diligent Proofreading

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Make Medical Transcripts Error-free Through Diligent Proofreading

A crucial part of the quality audit team, a transcription proofreader is needed to work at different levels for ensuring that the final transcripts being delivered to clients achieve the maximum possible accuracy. Indirectly involved with managing precious human health, medical transcription, needless to say, has to be completely reliable and precise. Proofreading plays a vital part in accomplishing the expected accuracy level in transcripts.

Role of the Proofreader in Medical Transcription
Medical transcription proofreading process involves not only checking the transcripts but also listening to the same audio dictation files and finding errors, if any, in the transcripts. Correcting the errors is also the responsibility of the proofreader. Moreover, the proofreader is expected to format the document according to client specification.

The medical transcription proofreader is responsible for the following activities:
 Check for any words or phrases being missed out by the transcriptionists
 Finding and correcting grammatical errors
 Formatting documents as per client needs
 Finding and correcting misspelled words
 Carrying out final check on quality before delivering the document
Similar to all skills, it is through practice that proofreading skill may also be improved. The following strategies may be considered for achieving the best results from proofreading:
 Whenever you encounter new words, look up the words in the reference book – building a library of effective reference books and sites is good for honing proofreading skill
 Briefly proofreading what is being transcripted – as it appears on the word processor screen helps catch missing words easily
 Proofreading reports printed on paper is easier than doing so on the screen
 Using both an English and a medical spellchecker application as the final step is effective in catching certain types of errors

Tips for Achieving Excellent Proofreading
 Assure that dictated words are not being overlooked by adjusting the transcriber unit’s speed control and performing the transcription process slowly
 Go ahead with the process of transcription only when you understand what you hear – transcribing only what makes contextual sense is the right policy
 Careful proofreading helps detect and correct words that have been wrongly spelled
 Keeping punctuation references handy helps avoid punctuation errors that might change the entire meaning of a sentence

Medical transcription proofreaders’ job is a highly-responsible one. It has to be borne in mind that quality of medical care provided to patients depends on the quality of medical transcripts.

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