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Medical Transcription Oregon | Here’s how You can Avail Reliable Family Practice Transcription Services

Patients use to visit their family physicians for various purposes including routine health checkups, diagnosis, immunization, and screening. This specialty covers a wide range of preventive and primary health care to people belonging to different age groups, making it almost always busy.

Significance of Family Practice Transcription Services
Family practice specialists offer a wide spectrum of services; it is only natural that a family practitioner’s office is teeming with activity and is engaged with a lot of paper work. Involving varied reports, lab test results, and imaging reports, family practitioners are starved for time.

Family physicians are expected to address all kinds of medical emergencies of the families that they treat. Having complete health details of the family members and being well aware of their medical conditions, they are able to offer the most optimal care. This necessitates delegating their patient report documentation tasks to efficient third-party transcription service providers.

Specialties Covered by Family Practice Documentation Solutions

Being occupied most of the time in attending to the varied needs of patients of all age groups, family medicine practitioners are in the lookout for transcription solutions. Comprehensive documentation of reports related to following specialties is commonly required:
 Pediatric medicine
 Adolescent medicine
 Geriatric medicine
 Sports medicine
 Sleep medicine

Numinatrans Offers Transcription Services for the following Reports
Numinatrans has been offering transcription solutions to global medical practices and physicians in efficient and accurate way since more than a decade. We specialize in documenting the following types of reports:
 Physical examination
 Allergy and reaction reports
 Accident and injury reports
 Diabetes management reports
 Laboratory and Radiation Reports

Why Numinatrans?
We offer convenience to clients by offering choice of dictation methods, namely, recorders, toll-free phone, dictation over mobile phones, and special devices such as Dictaphones.

We accept your files in various formats including MPG, WMV, ASF, MOV, MP3, ASX, and so on. We deliver transcripts through secure FTP or other safe mode of your preference.

For outsourcing your family practice transcription needs and gain considerable cost savings, you may approach us. Visit us on http://www.numinatrans.com/.