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Medical Transcription Nebraska | Role Played by Medical Transcription in Implementation of EHR

Visit to emergency department is seen to be increasing steadily all over the world. Health reforms are the major contributors to this change, while the Affordable Health Act attempting to achieve universal health coverage empowers common people to avail services of health care facilities!

The General Statistics of Emergency Department

Research has proven that a considerable change has come over emergency department use in the U.S. A few major details have been listed below:

  • In the year 2008, roughly 124 million people have visited the emergency department
  • Between 2007 and 2010, there has been an increase of around 14%
  • Most of the physicians in emergency department expect this figure to further increase in future

Support for Digital Data Documentation

Using the services of medical transcription companies, every pre-existing data that is associated with patients and hospitals may be changed into digital format, thus facilitating EHR adoption. This leads to a standardized medical documentation process that lets information to be exchanged in secure and convenient manner. Patient data access becomes easy and report generation is made quicker.

Support for Accurate Data Documentation

The process of medical transcription requires high accuracy; adherence to strict practices and policies are essential. Transcriptionists are trained and experienced professionals who are capable of leveraging technology so that they come up with precise and reliable transcripts. An accuracy of 99% and short TAT are considered essential.

EHR Implementation

Medical industry is warming up to Health Information Technologies such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs). EHRs are being used for collecting and documenting medical information. Hospitals need not implement full-scale EHR Systems; medical transcription companies offer end-to-end solutions. This helps individual practitioners and health care facilities to garner accurate and digitized information without having to invest heavily on EHR Software.

Audio data conversion into standardized document

Physicians and medical professionals use to dictate patient reports and record them in audio files. About 1.2 billion clinical documentations are generated every year in the U.S., out of which nearly 60% are dictated documents. Audio transcription service helps transcribe all such dictated documents effectively.

Numinatrans, the pioneers in Transcription, have been serving health care facilities and medical professionals across the world with effective and reliable medical transcription solutions since a decade.

Accurately transcribed and unambiguously presented patient report documentation assists physicians to provide optimal health care to patients. Patients will be able to use this for health insurance claim purpose. Standardized documents are useful for coordinated care that occurs across various departments in a medical facility.