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Medical Transcription Arizona | What makes Emergency Room Reports Transcription Challenging?

Emergency rooms involve unpredictable scenarios and make things very challenging for ER physicians and staff – this reflects on their medical transcription service providers too!

How Emergency Room Reports Transcription differs from others

The major difference in E R reports is that they are almost based on variable factors while the patients’ conditions keep fluctuating. With condition of patients moving to different levels unexpectedly, not only the treating physicians but also the transcriptionists taking care of their reports need to be cautious and attentive on a constant basis.

Unique Features Expected in E R Reports Transcription

  • Faster TAT
  • Utmost care must to be exercised
  • Professionals with experience to handle pressure are necessary
  • Capability to handle dictation that may be complex and having considerable background noise
  • Eye for detail

The role of the E R reports transcriptionist

Transcriptionists taking up the task of documenting Emergency Room reports of patients must have a pressure-resistant mindset that is vital to manage the challenges related to emergency room transcription service.

Major Challenges Involved in E R reports transcription

  • E R doctors may speak with an unfamiliar or strong accent, making it inevitable for the transcriptionists to take a longer time than usual
  • The pressure of working in E R may cause the physician’s dictation to be vague o r too fast – making it hard for the transcribing personnel
  • Quality of recording may be affected by the unavoidable background noises that accompany E R reports
  • E R room physicians may not use microphones for recording- making it tough for the transcriptionist
  • Specialization of doctors in charge of the E R doesn’t fall under specific health care area – it may extend to life-threatening situations, advanced cardiac life support, and trauma care. Treatment and need for specialists may vary according to patient condition
  • Transcriptionists dealing in E R reports must be well-versed in the terminology and procedures related to all such areas in medicine
  • The transcripts must be effective and they need to support quick and perfect decision making

Why Numinatrans?

Numinatrans, with an industry experience of over 16 years, has been providing accurate and meaningful transcription solutions on emergency room reports documentation to global medical practices.

We offer quick and reliable TAT, the critical factor in emergency room reports transcription. Our services are completely HIPAA compliant and we assure total data confidentiality and security.