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General Transcription Myths Busted

A lot of information is available online about the general transcription profession. Several of this is misinformation, unfortunately. Transcription is challenging, but all that is required to become a transcriptionist is dedicated effort and training.

Common Illusions About General Transcription
 Very fast typing skill is must
o Capability of typing fast is an added advantage, but not the only skill expected of a transcriptionist
 No training is needed for general transcription
o This is far from the truth – transcription is not just listening and typing; with several variables involved, proper training is imperative to become a skilled transcriptionist
 Speech recognition will replace transcriptionists
o With single speaker, speech recognition is not able to achieve the required accuracy – dealing with multiple speakers is not even feasible with software; human beings’ role in transcription is never going to end
 Most of the general transcription process is being outsourced
o Not all transcription work is being outsourced – with demand for transcription in various fields increasing more and more, there is no dearth for work – transcription service providers are in demand
 Popularity of video will cause slow down in the general transcription process
o This is not true – in fact, popularity of video has resulted in increased opportunities for qualified transcriptionists

Skills Needed to Perform Efficiently as a Transcriptionist
 Comprehensive knowledge about the English language
 Acceptable typing skill
 Basic skill in using online search engines
 Ability to fulfill client-specific style and needs
 Proofreading skill
In addition to the above mentioned factors, having a fair grasp of English grammar, punctuation, and accents helps working as a transcriptionist and provide efficient transcription solutions. Moreover, ability to use word processor and the Internet are necessary.

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