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Medical Transcription Washington | Basics of Hematology Specialty and Significance of Hematology Transcription

The medical specialty encompassing the science of blood, blood disorders, and blood-producing organs, Hematology focuses on treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases related to the blood and blood-borne diseases. This specialty is responsible for managing a wide range of disorders associated with blood cells, platelets, and the coagulation system.

Role of Hematologists

Apart from managing the benign as well as malignant disorders of blood cells in children and adults, Hematologists are responsible for generating blood test results from labs and managing safe blood product use as well.
Hematology leads the application of novel technologies and science to clinical medicine. Involved with a broad spectrum of blood disorders such as cancers, haemoglobinopathies, bleeding disorders, and thrombosis, this branch of medicine contributes to patient care in transfusion medicine as well. The career in Hematology provides variety, with a lot of scope for sub specialization.

Significance of Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology makes use of chemical agents for stopping the growth of cancer cells. This specialty focuses on diagnosis and treatment of cancer by making use of chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, apart from targeted therapy and biological therapy. Treatment often involves supportive care as well as coordinated care provided by specialists from other branches of medicine.

Comprehensive Services of Hematology / Oncology Specialists
 Hematology
 Medical Oncology
 Chemotherapy
 Bone Marrow Biopsy
 Paracentesis
 Thoracentesis
 Palliative Care
 Genetic Counseling

Exclusive Features of Hematology Specialty
 Rapid advances are quite common in this fast-paced specialty
 Requires up-to-date knowledge of recent developments
 Plenty of scope to learn and exams to take
 It is a demanding and busy branch of medicine
 There are options to choose sub-specialties; something suiting to individual preference is available for medical professionals
 On the flip side, this specialty proves highly emotionally demanding; it involves hard work and focused, continuous attention

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