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Role of Medical Case Chronology in Proving Medical Malpractice

The role of a medical timeline or medical case chronology is very crucial in medical malpractice cases. Attorneys dealing in medical malpractice trials depend on medical review services for examining huge number of medical records related to cases and creating reliable chronology. Content in medical records need to be decoded into clear and valuable information that proves useful to attorneys.

Significance of Chronology in Medical Malpractice Cases

The role of medical chronology cannot be underestimated in medical negligence and malpractice cases. Chronologies are critical reports related to most of the medical-legal cases.

Legal professionals and non-medical persons may need to flip through charts in order to locate the relevant information connected with patient allegations, necessitating help from professionals who are experienced in listing pertinent information required, in chronological order. This assists legal nurse consultants and attorneys to locate the corresponding records later, as and when required.

Gathering Appropriate Medical Records in Effective Manner

Consider the case of a patient who died because of the health care provider’s negligence. The victim might have been treated at different facilities. One of these may have failed to diagnose a serious injury properly, and sent the patient to another facility for treatment. Since this facility failed to provide the right treatment, the victim died after being discharged.

When performing the documentation of medical reports for the purpose of medical-legal cases, medical records must be obtained from both these health care facilities that provided service to the patient. In order to understand clearly what happened and in what sequence the events took place, it is necessary to create a timeline/chronology based on the medical records. This timeline shows in a clear manner the diagnostic methods, the diagnosis, and reasons for the patient being sent to the second hospital. It will shed light on negligence on the part of the second facility also. Here’s where the task cannot be completed by untrained people and necessitates the service of medical record review that helps attorneys.

The Need for Accurate Documentation of Records

In cases such as the one cited above, if perfect documentation is neglected and important details are failed to be recorded, it will cause huge damages to the hospital concerned. It implies that any treatment or process that has not been documented would not have been provided or performed. Absence of proper charting may lead to the hospital being held accountable for the death of the patient.

Exemplar Medical Documentation Solutions from Numinatrans.com

Reliable and accurate medical documentation is crucial to both defendants and plaintiffs in medical malpractice-related litigation. Medical records prove to be the sole evidences for explaining what actually has happened to the patient during the various medical encounters.

Precise documentation of reports provides a solid base upon which providers can stand and face legal scrutiny. Numinatrans provides accurate and reliable chronology of all relevant medical events in their order of occurrence, without any incongruities or gaps.