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Medical Transcription Louisiana | Progressing Medical Transcription Process and Evolving Role of Transcriptionists

Medical industry has been making giant leaps in improving health care and ensuring patient safety in the recent past. No wonder there has been a considerable rise in demand for accurate and reliable patient report documentation across the globe.

Demand is on the rise for Medical Transcriptionists

It is well-known that the need for professionally trained and experienced transcriptionists is increasingly felt in the medical documentation field. Of course, the job description of these professionals keeps evolving, what with several innovations and entry of technology.

The early days and how transcription developed

Medical profession has always been in need of keeping track of patient records and making use of the same when and as required. Managing health reports of individuals for delivering optimal health care has been an essential factor since time memorable.

In earlier times, it was the treating physician who was in charge of recording, retrieving, and managing the patient records. He / she was then helped by an assistant with these tasks. Initially, the medical transcriptionist began just copying physicians’ notes into records. This later changed to taking shorthand notes from doctors.

How meticulous Medical Transcription helps physicians and practices

  • Transcripting audio and video verbatim ensures meticulous data
  • Keeping medical information handy in easily accessible form for any time use
  • Sharing transcripts over the Internet or other reporting system
  • Maintaining patient data privacy and adhering to governmental compliance needs
  • Supplying relevant reports to insurance carriers and medical practices situated at different locations
  • Quality check and error-free documentation supports clinicians with decision making and providing treatment

Evolution of Medical Transcription over Time and with Technology

The need for accuracy and quick access of patient records, while entrusting the task to professionals led to the use of audio recording devices. This is considered as the major change in the transcriptionists’ role in medical industry. Electric typewriter gave way to computers, and the Internet expedited the whole process of exchanging data. Computer generated medical reports are found to be of high quality while assuring accuracy.

What is expected from an Expert Transcriptionist?

The future medical transcription professional’s role involves not just producing verbatim transcripts of physician’s dictation. They are rather required to offer trustworthy and timely assistance to the treating physician through meaningful and relevant transcripts. Quality of transcripts has considerably increased in the ever- changing medical profession. A few of the services needed from the modern day transcriptionists are listed below:

  • Delivering transcripts of the highest quality possible on time
  • Efficiently assembling and filling reports and charts as needed
  • Generating statistical information along with reports
  • Effectively communicate with physicians, practices, and administration offices for coordinating better care delivery
  • Regular updated training and education in tune with shifts in the industry

With newer technology such as speech recognition software, medical transcription profession has come across a huge change. Even with such innovative and unprecedented technologies, the role of medical transcriptionists is only being reinvented-not being terminated.

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Medical Transcription Alabama | Not just Verbatim – Relevant & Meaningful Transcripts are Significant

Fundamentals of Medical Transcription

The practice of Physicians and all types of medical practices normally keeping details of their patients in the form of medical records has been in existence since long. The diagnosis, treatment, and overall health management processes performed by the physician are dictated in audio format and this is recorded in text format for future reference. While the medical professional dictates the report in any convenient form, the transcriptionist takes up responsibility of storing the medical information in an error-free manner.

Importance of Quality Medical Transcripts

  • Medical Transcription forms the basis of the reference record about a patient’s complete medical history that helps clinicians to manage their health
  • Patients may need t be treated by different physicians. Detailed health records enable physicians to manage the patient’s health using the medical information that has been recorded in the form of transcripts
  • Nurses and other paramedics will be able to perform better, if patient records are presented in easy to follow and relevant manner
  • Billing & Coding staff may use accurate medical transcription for claims and reimbursement purposes

Verbatim Transcription Service

Making use of exactly the same words that were originally used by the medical professional is what is basically expected in transcripts. The very objective of the patient health record is providing a comprehensive and transparent picture of past and the present patient history, contraindications, and treatment, in addition to future plans for treatment. Having to achieve these crucial needs, if each and every word as used by the author, were used, the purpose may not be solved.

Relevance is Vital in Medical Transcripts

In the venture of assisting medical professionals to better-manage the health of patients, transcriptionists play a vital role. They need to be trained and skilled in not only following the dictation of physicians perfectly but also rendering the transcripts meaningful and supportive. Certain comments and noises, exclamations and insignificant remarks need to be filtered. The transcriptionist has to be an expert in language, medical terminology, and relevant processes involved in the particular medical condition or disorder that is being managed.

General Guidelines for creating effective transcripts

Transcriptionists must follow certain steps in order to come up with the most effective and useful transcripts that help practices and physicians. A few have been listed below:

  • Following author’s dictation pattern so long as it produces clear meaning
  • Correcting and editing minor punctuation and grammar errors
  • Flagging questionable or contradictory information
  • Expanding abbreviations to deliver clarity
  • Transcribing headings and titles as dictated
  • Removing redundant data
  • Flagging things that require major edits

The very purpose of medical transcription is to deliver easy to follow health records, hence, the transcript must be precise and explanatory. Transcripts must not dilute the integrity of the basic record and its author’s intentions. The balance between maintaining the record’s integrity and author’s style is what the expert transcriptionist is expected to achieve.

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