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Ways of Achieving Faster and Increased Payment through Expert Medical Billing Solutions

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Ways of Achieving Faster and Increased Payment through Expert Medical Billing Solutions

Have you checked whether your practice competes with top-notch organizations in your specialty? Assess your performance and see how you measure up against peers and competitors!

Effective medical billing solutions that prove faster and more payment, while allowing you to focus on patient care

Traditional medical billing systems provide you with software only. Billing service providers using innovatively designed and professionally created medical billing software systems deliver plenty more. Combining a wide network of providers, we see that our processes are constantly being updated, and our expert back office team works on your behalf. Taking care of time-consuming processes such as claim submission and follow-up, efficient denial management, and payment posting, our all-inclusive medical billing services ensure that your practice gets considerably more and faster payments.

With a large client base, Numinatrans drives results with unmatched efficiency and unparalleled accuracy that’s part of our strategic approach!

How to keep your claims error-free

Focusing on enabling you to get paid the first time itself, we assure that almost 95% of your claims are positively adjudicated on first submission. Practices need not master the ins and outs of rules and payer regulations. By continuously monitoring payer trends and adding new insurance rules on a daily basis, we ensure that denials are eliminated.

By partnering with us, you are more likely to submit clean claims and get faster payments.

Billing services that reduce workload while eliminating hassles

We have an easy 5-stage workflow that your staff can move through smoothly. Our expert team tracks and manages your claims – what we have been performing for a network of a large number of providers. Issues in claims are identified, alert is created before submission, denials are avoided, and a lot of follow-up work with payers is saved.

Quality Programs and Effective Coaching

We make it a point that our services get continuously updated with new information, expert knowledge, and insights from our various providers. You are prepared for industry change and kept compliant with necessary legal mandates.

Through our exclusive training and coaching processes, you will be able to monitor TAT, identify and implement medical billing best practices, and improve in your performance.

By availing medical billing services from Numinatrans, you will experience a drop in days in accounts receivable (DAR) and rise in frequency of claims getting resolved upon first submission.

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