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Numina’s Remote Video Surveillance Solutions for Health Care


Numina’s Remote Video Surveillance Solutions for Health Care

Why Remote Video Surveillance is Considered Crucial?

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Health is considered one of the most invaluable assets in human life. Health Care Facilities serving people have to meet requirements not only in the form of care delivery but also various other things such as malpractice, crime, and disputes. In order to handle all such factors, the single common solution happens to be Remote Video Surveillance that provides complete observation and legal proof of everything that takes place in a medical practice. Recording and monitoring all activities at practices minute-by-minute offers benefits such as quick response to patients’ health conditions and acts as legal proof in case of any untoward incident taking place.

Comprehensive Protection Offered by Numina’s Remote Video Surveillance

By installing high-resolution, high-quality surveillance cameras at all crucial spots in a medical practice, it becomes possible to monitor and take necessary action promptly. Cameras may be fixed at places such as critical care units, operating rooms, and other vital spots in a hospital. Different locations may be watched simultaneously by using these cameras software to capture and record data continuously while client-specific software may be used for monitoring the desired post when and as required. This enables prompt response from the medical professionals in the event of any emergency.

Lives may be saved Through Video Surveillance

Places such as intensive care units, when equipped with video cameras, will be helpful to patients who happen to be in immobile conditions. Patients with poor health conditions and those who cannot communicate due to deteriorated health conditions will be amply served by video surveillance system that enables concerned staff to keep watch round the clock. In emergencies, patients’ lives depend largely on the quick reaction and prompt response from the part of treating physicians. Similarly, patients in recovery rooms may also be monitored from a central place, ensuring immediate intervention, if required.

Other Uses of Video Surveillance

Video recordings are reliable and safe. With appropriate software, it is easy and quick to operate and control. Data recoded can be used as evidence for legal purposes. Digital recording offers flexibility and the system may be expanded according to need in future. When provided with special software, a comprehensive surveillance system ensures patient safety, improves productivity, and empowers care providers to respond quickly to emergencies. Having continuous remote access to data from a preferred central location reduces need for employing more staff.

Significant Features

  • Remote Monitoring through the Internet
  • Multiple-device compatibility
  • Scalable & Cost-effective
  • Easy to install and implement
  • Patient’s safety assured while crime may be avoided
  • Distributed Intelligence and Movement Recognition patterns

Advantages of Remote Video Surveillance Service by Numina

  • Productivity is increased
  • Access through Mobile devices
  • Quality of Care improves
  • Overall Security & Safety is increased
  • Dishonesty and dispute in any form is avoided
  • Communication is improved, administration may keep tabs on the entire premises

For reliable and practice-specific Remote Video Surveillance solutions offering complete control and efficient observation of your hospital premises, you are welcome to approach numinatrans.com!

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