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Allergies / Immunology Transcription Services

For Completely Reliable Allergy & Clinical Immunology Transcription Services

It is common fact that physicians and practices specializing in allergies and immunology often require to spare substantial time for documenting medical reports. To be able to gain time to handle more patients and be relieved of routine documentation processes, they may well acquire the meticulous and fast medical transcription services from Numinatrans. Armed with decades of experience and unique technologies, we offer the most reliable medical transcription services under unbelievably short TAT.

High-Quality Medical Transcription Solutions from Numinatrans:

  • Over 99% accuracy guaranteed
  • Industry-best pricing
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Completely secure
  • Customizable TAT

Why Numinatrans?

  • Cutting-edge technology and infrastructure
  • Expertise in allergy & immunology-related reporting
  • Professional methodology from data collection to documentation
  • Team trained in relevant elements such as medical parlance, symptoms, diagnoses, treatment, procedures & medication
  • Control over quality at all stages ensuring accuracy & confidentiality

Salient Features

  • Quick TAT
  • Customer-specific options for dictation
  • Tracking of data
  • Experienced professionals dealing with allergy & immunology
  • Catering to varied facilities such as hospitals, clinics, individual physician offices, and all types of practices

We have pleasure in offering allergy & clinical immunology transcription, billing to physicians and practices, thus saving precious time and efforts on their parts that could best be utilized for treating more number of patients!

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