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Cardiovascular Surgery Transcription Service

Consistent & Authentic Reporting carried out by Trained Professionals

Providing the critical service of health data documentation to thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons involves a thorough understanding and updated knowledge about the segment. It is filled with the responsibility of furnishing accurate and totally reliable medical information as well. Numinatrans excels in offering solutions that go light on budget while not compromising on quality and speed.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology for data and voice management

Numinatrans prudently provides thoracic and cardiovascular surgery transcription services that are aimed at improving patient care and adhering to guidelines. Input data may be in the form of voice recording or dictation that includes letters, emergency reports, summaries, notes, procedure briefs, history, office reports, and so on. It may be passed on in various formats such as MPG, MOV, AVI, WMV,ASX, ASF, SWF,DIC, MP3,and so on. Adopting the most modern and updated technologies, we ensure that our cardiovascular transcripts are consistent and meticulous.

Creating Relevant Clinical Reports sufficient to meet any scrutiny

Numinatrans has been built with a team having years of experience and skill in diverse factors such as transcribing, editing, proofreading, and quality-checking. We make sure that our transcripts fulfill all requirements.

Services Offered by Numinatrans Cardiovascular Transcription Services

  • Nursing notes / chart notes
  • Consultation / procedure notes
  • Discharge summaries / narratives
  • Physical examination & history
  • Preoperative / operative notes
  • Post operative notes / emergency reports
  • Progress reports of patients / office letters & reports

Our specialties include

  • Phone / digital device interaction
  • Software for managing document flow
  • Need-based TAT
  • Integration with EMR and other medical IT
  • Secure encryption system

For efficient and perfect cardiovascular surgery transcription services with cost saving and prompt delivery, approach us!  Email: kevin.ross@numinatrans.com