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Endocrinology Transcription Service

Offering Endocrinology Transcription Services for Varied Procedures & Treatments

Endocrinolgy being a vast department covering numerous ailments and conditions, specialists stand to gain several benefits by acquiring external assistance with regard to their Endocrinology Transcription requirements. Numinatrans Endocrinology Services offer reliable expertise, cost-effective solutions custom-built for your practice, and accurate and fast delivery of transcripts under committed time.

Remarkable Accuracy & Reliable Reporting

It being a particularly specialized segment of medical transcription, Endocrinolgy Transcription processes necessitate engaging professional and relevantly experienced transcriptionists for best output. Numinatrans has been providing error-free and quality-assured Endocrinolgy Transcription solutions to overseas clients for more than a decade.

Endocrinology Transcription Solutions from Numinatrans – complete support to medical professionals

Instead of spending their time on routine transcription processes, endocrinology specialist may partner with a skilled transcription team that provides the report transcripts on time and with accuracy, allows them easy access as well as editing facility when and as required, and lets them also to e-sign them.

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What we offer to our Clients:

  • Toll-free dictation facility
  • Quick TAT
  • Separate transcription team for each project
  • Totally manual process – no machines involved
  • HIPAA compliancy
  • Services cover physical and lab reports, operative and post-operative reports, clinic and consultation notes, discharge summaries, and much more.

Numinatrans Endocrinology Transcription Services aim at transcending the normal services by providing seamless interface with your EMR system and through customized transcripts fulfilling your unique needs!

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