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Family Medicine Transcription Service

Easing the Family practitioners’ Burden through Family Medicine Transcription

The specialty of family practice involves providing wide domain of preventive as well as primary health care service to people of varied age groups, namely, children, adolescents, grown-ups, and aged. Under normal circumstances, individuals approach their family physician for different needs such as routine checks, screening, and immunizations. At times this involves treating chronic illnesses as well. This renders the family practitioner’s office teeming with hectic activity for the most part of time. Under such juncture, it is highly necessary for family physicians to outsource family medicine transcription service to a reliable and efficient provider.

Minimizing the efforts of Family Physician while Optimizing the output

Most people rely on their family physicians for addressing medical emergencies. With years of understanding and bonding that pass on through generations, family physicians have complete and error-free data about their regular patients, including past diseases and conditions, medications, history, and other such information. Managing such sensitive information flawlessly demands outsourcing family practice transcription needs to skilled transcriptionists well-versed at better understanding the medical terminology and furnishing accurate transcripts that assists physicians.

Numinatrans Family Medicine Transcription Services Include

  • Reports of Physical Examination
  • Complete Pediatric Reports
  • Reports of Accidental Injury
  • Allergy and Immunization Reports
  • Reports of Follow-up visits
  • Reports of Diabetes Management

Catering to the needs of doctors focusing in traditional medicine and general practice  make the Family Medicine Transcription Service crucial to a large population of physicians, as they are short of time.

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