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General Practice Transcription Service

The most Sought after General Practice Transcription Services across the globe!

Numinatrans caters to the needs of varied users such as local practitioners, private dispensaries, family physicians, and single practitioners. Providing exclusive service to general practitioners and professional specializing in conventional medicine, we offer the following services:

  • Office visit notes
  • Progress notes
  • Consultation reports
  • Medical records
  • Physical Examination & History Reports

Having been equipped with a team of qualified and dedicated medical transcriptionists, numinatrans is capable of offering error-free and reliable general practice transcripts that exceed our clients’ expectations. General practitioners can contact us through toll free number for dictation. Numinatrans follows up with first downloading and transcribing the files, and then goes on with proper quality checks and proofreading before sending back the finished transcripts.

Numinatrans general practice transcription solutions are client-specific, HIPAA compliant, work in close association with doctors, and are hassle free and quick. We have been serving a satisfied list of general practice specialists across the globe.

We understand the importance involved in General Practice and the challenges of perfect transcription. As our professionals have sound knowledge in practice-related terminologies and formalities, we guarantee completely accurate and prompt General Practice Transcription Service to physicians under competitive pricing and short TAT.

Contact us for your General Practice Transcription outsourcing needs! Email: kevin.ross@numinatrans.com