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Infectious Diseases Transcription Service

Treatment of infectious diseases involves treating infections of heart, pelvic organs, brain, sinuses, and a few others. This obviously requires precise and reliable documentation for diagnosis and treatment of such diseases. Specialists handling these cases may hardly be able to afford the time for documenting the various reports and notes. This is where the need of a reliable associate is felt—numinatrans helps physicians with accurate and affordable infectious diseases transcription service. We assure that your documentation will be maintained well-organized and up to date.

Documentation of medical notes and reports is by itself a laborious process demanding time and efforts. Physicians and practices specializing in infectious diseases may find it worth their while to delegate this to reliable third-party transcriptionists with experience and caliber. Numina Transcriptions, equipped with trained and expert transcriptionists helps in keeping your practice not only well-organized but also more productive. Being sensitive to clients’ specific needs, our team excels in offering infectious diseases transcription services.

What makes Numina Transcriptions Tick?

  • Choice of dictation method
  • Secure file transfer
  • 3-Level Quality check and assurance
  • Integration with other medical Information Technologies such as EMR
  • Competitive pricing
  • Minimum TAT

We take up transcription process related to Bacterial Infectious Diseases, Fungal Infectious Disease, Parasitic Infectious Diseases, and  Viral Infectious Diseases.

For further information and meticulous infectious diseases transcription requirements, contact us! Email: kevin.ross@numinatrans.com