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Orthopedics Transcription Service

Orthopedics, a specialized branch in medicine dealing with bone disorders and treatment of conditions related to musculoskeletal system, is packed with hectic activity caused by emergency cases. Fractures and trauma are common things in this department where precise attention and quick surgeries are the order of the day. Notes and patient records need to be documented in accurate and quick manner so that orthopedics specialists may deliver the best care to patients. Especially, trauma centers and bigger practices with numerous orthopedics cases must be assisted with perfect orthopedics transcription service in order to discharge their responsibilities efficiently.

Having amassed a skilled team having complete understanding of all complexities related to orthopedics transcription and its nuances, Numina Transcriptions employs software and hardware that assure accurate and trustworthy transcripts for providing totally reliable orthopedics transcription solutions according to the specific needs of specialists.

Services offered by Numinatrans Orthopedics Transcription Service

  • Knee / Hip Disorders & Replacements
  • Tendon / Ligament Recovery
  • Multiple Fracture Care
  • Accident / Trauma Care
  • Joint reconstruction
  • Sports-related injury care
  • Foot and ankle surgical procedure
  • Musculoskeletal Procedures

What makes Numina Transcriptions Special?

  • 256bit AES offers secure file transfer
  • Convenient dictation methods of your choice
  • Status reporting on real time
  • Modern infrastructure that offers highest quality
  • Editing & Proofreading professionals
  • Trained team with medical current knowledge
  • Constant update process

Orthopedicians and hospitals specializing in orthopedics may get started with our free trial and then switch to regular mode for all their orthopedics transcription requirements. We have pride in serving a prestigious list of popular US-based clients with the best service under controlled costs.

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