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Podiatry Transcription Service

Podiatry is a branch in medicine dealing with disorders and diseases occurring in the lower portions of the body, namely, foot and legs. Podiatrists are specialists treating disorders in this area, using medications and, if required, surgery. Diagnosing and treating ailments on legs, ankles, and foot involve constant observation and analysis that make it hard for podiatrists to spend time on documenting their diverse reports and records. Maintaining medical diagnosis and treatment logs is necessary for podiatrists which necessitates partnering with skilled and experienced professionals.

Numina Transcriptions is an experienced service provider dealing with podiatry transcription service related to solo practitioners and hospitals. We have been in this line of activity since over a decade and hence our transcripts are 100% effective and reliable. We cater to the needs of varied types such  as patient records, visit notes, surgical procedure reports, lab reports, prescriptions, and emergency room notes.

From sports medicine, geriatrics, surgery, and everything in between, we have acquired expertise in tailoring our effective podiatry transcription services to clients unique requirements. Each client gets specific solutions according to their needs and wishes.

Our services cover

  • Arthroplasty
  • Athelete’s foot
  • Progress notes
  • Tine Pedis
  • Keller Bunionectomy
  • Bunions
  • Corns or Calluses
  • Neuroma

For initial free trial and further information, you are welcome to contact us! Email: kevin.ross@numinatrans.com