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Rehabilitation Medicine Transcription Service

Rehabilitation Medicine deals with diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of physical injuries or disorders occurring on human body and disabilities that ensue. Rehabilitation medicine makes use of mechanical and physical agents for this purpose and restores the physical functions that have been impacted by the conditions of the patient. The responsibility of Rehabilitation specialists is to restore and improve functional ability and enhance life quality of those who have been affected and those who are having impairments. With demand for Rehabilitation medicine practice growing, these specialists find it better to outsource their documentation processes to high-caliber third party transcribers.

At Numina transcriptions, we have been offering trustworthy and precise rehabilitation medicine transcription solutions to the needs of individual as well as group facilities, rehab centers and clinics, hospitals, and sports medicine specialties. Our rehabilitation medicine transcriptionists team comprises educated professionals with knowledge in health care and physical training.

Numinatrans has acquired a team of transcriptionists with vast skill and knowledge about medical terminology and procedures associated with various disabling health conditions out of which a few have been listed below:

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders and injuries
  • Injuries on spinal cord
  • Traumatic injuries to head / brain
  • Stroke
  • Joint conditions such as Arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Neurological Disorders and conditions
  • Burns or Amputations

Numinatrans has been decked with skills to comprehend varied accents from diverse regions or nations, outstanding expertise in typing, and sophisticated technology and tools that assist in offering high quality rehabilitation transcription services. We undertake rehabilitation transcription services of sub-specialties such as Sports medicine, pain medicine, palliataive care, and neuromuscular medicine.

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