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Surgery Transcription Service

According to a saying, “something that has not been documented has not happened at all!” Surgeries form one major life-saving medical activity that requires perfect documentation with clarity and usability at later stage. Well-being of patients depends on surgery notes and reports during pre-operative as well as post-operative stages. Numina Transcriptions offers the most reliable and authentic surgery transcription service (also referred to as operative report transcription service) to hospitals and surgeons.

To ensure privacy and confidentiality of sensitive medical data throughout the surgery transcription services, Numina Transcriptions assigns unique files access to each customer. All our processes are password protected, and HIPAA compliant. Security of data and accuracy of transcripts are assured completely.

Operative reports need to be transcribed precisely for helping surgeons. Being the busy people they are, surgeons cannot afford to spare time for transcribing and securing reports safely and in order. Pre and post operative reports have to be properly edited, formatted, and reviewed. This is where the importance of surgery transcription solutions is realized.

Numinatrans excels in offering priceless surgery transmission solutions to hospitals and surgeons across the world. Providing solutions according to the specific needs of each client is out specialty.

How we operate

  • We offer a choice of dictation method – toll-free phone or digital recorder, or any other mode convenient to users
  • We accept files in all formats such as MPG, WMV, MOV,ASX,AVI,SWF, DIC, and other extended audio formats
  • Vigorous quality control processes are carried on by editors, medical experts and proofreaders
  • Finished files are securely protected with encryption before being transferred

For gaining time and savings costs by engaging multiple technologies and techniques, for authentic and reliable surgery transcription solutions, contact numinatrans.com.

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