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How to set up the perfect Remote Video Surveillance System to achieve Effective Monitoring of your premises & processes

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How to set up the perfect Remote Video Surveillance System to achieve Effective Monitoring of your premises & processes

Not many options prove as effective for ensuring the security of your assets and processes round the clock as Remote Video Surveillance – Web-based monitoring enables watching over your valuables virtually from anywhere

Role of Remote Video Monitoring in Security

In the modern world, every organization, regardless of the nature of operations involved, is concerned with its security aspects. It is more so in the case of businesses, where protection of physical property as well as intellectual assets are high priority. There has been considerable rise in the value of digital data that is being stored and exchanged for various purposes. This has given rise to the demand for more sophisticated and exquisite system of security that assures complete protection.

Gone are the days when protecting valuables and premises where exclusively handled by human resources. With the enormous advancement in technology recently, it has become possible to monitor your premises and data round the clock using technology-driven tools and innovative digital devices. Installing surveillance cameras and capturing continuous video data offers real time monitoring of all activities taking place at the premises from the comfort of your preferred location.

How to set up the most Effective Remote Surveillance Systems

It is possible to keep track of everything at your premises with web-based video surveillance system in place. By using this, just with a few clicks of the button, one can access live feed from remote locations and see what exactly happens there. The footage can also be automatically recorded and stored for future use. By following the tips given below, you can set up a perfect video surveillance system that takes care of all your security concerns:

  • Ensure Proper Lighting: Video footing proves best when captured in good lighting – avoid shadows
  • Make use of good vantage point: Set your camera or multiple cameras at the positions from where good coverage is available
  • Limit Camera access: See that the camera unit is not accessible- ensure protected areas for setting it up
  • Keep camera in convenient point: Care must be taken not to disrupt natural entry and exit of people – video surveillance units must not come in the way

Benefits of Numinatrans Remote Video Surveillance System

  • Avoiding crime: using the various options provided by Numinatrans, you may easily spot any suspicious activity and reduce crime considerably
  • Enhanced Security: When cameras are mounted around the perimeter of your premises, you get to monitor with a wide view field, thus increasing its security
  • Security at affordable pricing: It would cost only a portion of what is required for deploying security guards for covering the same area

Remote video surveillance offers real-time, on the go access that enables checking your premises at anytime. For comfortable remote surveillance service and complete security of your valuables, you may approach us!

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