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Benefits of Monitoring your Business through Remote Video Surveillance

Evolving from analog to digital through IP, progress of Remote Video Surveillance Devices has impacted storage capacity of videos as well as the way of monitoring and controlling the surveillance system itself – Modern remote surveillance process offers online, on-the-go monitoring that provide entrepreneurs complete control and access

Steps to secure your business and prevent theft

Technology has facilitated businesses in securing and safeguarding premises and processes, apart from assets. A well-designed and properly implemented video surveillance system even helps improving productivity of organizations. The best route to avoid theft, shoplifting, and dishonest or lazy employees is through remote video surveillance system. This helps eliminating loss of material and man hours.

How Remote Video Surveillance Helps Protecting Businesses

Thanks to flexible and improved video management capability offered by IP Video surveillance system, it has become possible now to monitor video feeds of cameras from anywhere, regardless of geographical location and time zone. Only requirement is an Internet connection.

Monitoring business premises and processes through remote video surveillance helps achieve several advantages; a few have been listed below:

  • Protection of valuables and assets
  • Protection of employees
  • Legal protection
  • Increased business productivity
  • Prevention of theft and damage

The Excusive Benefits of availing Remote Video Surveillance Solutions from Numinatrans

Numinatrans has been serving global organizations with effective remote video surveillance since over a decade. We assist companies of diverse business verticals to monitor their premises and processes efficiently. Some of the advantages of availing our remote video monitoring solutions are given below:

  • Multi device compatibility: We offer video feeds that can be effectively monitored on a variety of digital devices such as computers, smartphones, and mobile devices
  • Flexibility in video monitoring: We offer various devices and technology for enabling remote location video surveillance; wired as well as wireless connections are possible
  • Control over cameras from clients’ devices: You can get the view you want by panning, zooming, and tilting the IP cameras – if something blocks your view or if anything suspicious appears to take place, you can focus the camera according to your needs
  • Video feeds can be viewed by multiple persons: The feeds of the IP cameras can be viewed by more than one person at a time; authorized persons can simultaneously monitor the feeds
  • It is possible to have a two-way communication: IP cameras provide the fancy feature of two-way communication, if required, for giving instructions or for verifying the identity of a person
  • Backup of video feeds: Being stored on the Internet, your records can be viewed from wherever you need and at any time you like

Remote video monitoring is an innovative surveillance system that offers several features and benefits to businesses and entrepreneurs. Relieving businesses from the hassle of maintaining high number of manual resources, this modern technology provides affordable and efficient protection.