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Role Played by Infectious Diseases Doctor in the Health Care Industry

Infectious diseases specialists play a unique role in the medical industry as they need to interact with and assist specialists from most of the other field of medicine as well as surgery. They are expected to be master epidemiologists, in addition to being well-versed in all the facets of the human body. This makes them very busy and they have a tight schedule in their practice.

Qualification Requirements of an Infectious Disease Doctor

A doctor of medicine who has expertise in identifying as well as treating contagious diseases, the infectious diseases specialist has to first complete the stipulated years of medical school, after which he or she is needed to complete two to three more years of education exclusively in infectious diseases. Use of antibiotics and their impacts, the science of how human body fights infection, and history of infections having spread are focused. Moreover, the study covers all known types of infections that are caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi.

Job Specification of an Infectious Diseases Doctor
It is the primary physician who first determines when an individual needs to consult an infectious diseases specialist. Although many of us are aware about communicable diseases, we may not know when we are affected by one and when it is time to see an infectious diseases doctor.

After being referred by the primary physician, an affected individual consults an infectious diseases doctor, who reviews the patient’s health information, carries out a physical examination, and communicates with the patient’s other physicians. Furthermore, the infectious diseases doctor has to order necessary lab and imaging tests for evaluating the patient’s condition.

When Does an Infectious Diseases Doctor Step In?

Patients will be referred to an Infectious Diseases specialist by the treating physician or primary care professional under the following circumstances:

 A patient suffers from high fever for an extended period of time
 When there is lack of response to the treatment provided
 When communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS is detected
 When an infection is diagnosed
 When a hospitalization-induced infection is contracted

Entrusted with high responsibilities and finding themselves short of time to meet the challenges of managing the health of patients with infections, Infectious Diseases doctors are generally busy. They seek assistance for their patient report documentation – which when delegated to reliable third-party medical transcription companies will relieve them from having to spend precious time on clinical documentation.

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ByNumina Transcription

HL-7 Transcription Service

Health Level 7 (HL-7) is the independent standards organization that aims at optimizing work flow, providing unambiguous and uniform standards for transfer of data, and streamlining the communication of health care information.

Numinatrans has worked successfully with various EMR and EHR vendors for creating efficient and reliable clinical interfaces. HL-7 protocol defines the specific format that needs to be used by applications while exchanging health information with one another. We provide HL-7 integration solutions to medical service providers across the globe.

HL-7 Compliance Need
The framework followed by HL-7 standard facilitates interoperability of varied health information systems and connects different health care organizations. In order to achieve seamless health information exchange, medical practices and health organizations need to integrate their health records to this standard.

The process of storing and managing medical records has been evolving continuously. The modern digital mode of maintaining health information in the form of EMR Software System makes it essential to have a uniform standard that can easily interface with various health information technologies that are in use. By providing the appropriate transcription interface solution, experienced medical transcription companies help medical facilities to achieve improved productivity and better efficiency.

HL-7 Services From Numinatrans
 HL-7 Billing and scheduling
 HL-7 EMR integration
 Practice management system integration

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