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Medical organizations across the world are engaged with voluminous data coming from varied sources, struggling to handle the diverse and complex nature of data. Storage and management of data using traditional practices will not be sufficient in the modern hectic health care scenario. This may even lead to straining existing resources.

Numina Transcription Services, Inc offers reliable and complete Data Analytics Services that help hospitals of different specialties in harnessing the potential of big data with no strain on existing infrastructure and resources (bonus veren siteler). We make use of skill and technology for revealing opportunities and deriving new insights. Practices may partner with us for achieving competitive edge and saving.


Medical Clinical Content Analysis / Utilization Data Analysis / Patient Base Analytics / Regulatory Reporting-related Legal & Mandatory Statistics

Defining and Delivering an Effective Data Strategy – Numina Advantages:

  • Deriving insights from within the practice: collecting and assessing internal data facilitates discerning the cost of service
  • Improvement in Collaboration: Effective sharing of data leads to reduction in inefficiency and waste
  • Enhanced Decision-making: Clear understanding of data facilitates well-informed decision-making

Capitalize on Data Potential and extract actionable insights

Benefits of Numina Data Analytics Services

  • Considerable Reduction in Errors
  • Reduction in Administrative & Operative Costs
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Increased Business Capacity