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Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Efficient Health Care Insurance Eligibility Verification Services from Numinatrans

Effective and simplified Eligibility Verification Process – the Source for Comprehensive Benefits Information: Numinatrans.

Numina Transcription Services, Inc, one of the pioneers in the medical coding and billing services in India, has been in the Insurance Eligibility Verification Service since more than a decade.

Significance of Proper Insurance Eligibility Verification Service

Taking a crucial place in the medical billing process, Insurance Eligibility Verification proves to be the primary step in Revenue Cycle Management of practices. Being unable to provide correct and adequate insurance cover information is one of the major reasons for claim delay and denials. To be able to ward off impacts on reimbursements caused by lack of validation of patient deductibles and benefits, engaging an effective Insurance Eligibility Verification Service Provider proves helpful.

Numinatrans Offers the Following Verification Services

  • We help practices in verifying Date & Coverage details
  • Plan type & Patient Eligibility
  • Co-pays & Deductibles
  • Payable Benefits & Co-insurance
  • Pre-authorizations & Referrals

How we Assist Clients

  • We help accessing patient demographics precisely
  • Review & analysis of reimbursement contract cover
  • Identifying & resolving issues related to coverage prior to treatment process
  • We provide effective verification of eligibility and real-time benefits

The Numinatrans Advantage:

Checking the validity of cover and ensuring the patient is fully covered under new and different plans goes a long way in maximizing reimbursement. With our client-specific solutions, you gain the following benefits:

  • Improvement in cash flow
  • Streamlined Work flow
  • Increase in Self-pay Revenue
  • Minimizing denials & delays
  • Improved collection and reduced write-offs

Numinatrans has been delivering dedicated Insurance Eligibility Verification Service by employing efficient methods and leveraging technology. We have acquired a team of experienced professionals who are capable of helping practices and physicians with reducing their accounts receivable.

You are welcome to Numinatrans for availing the best Patient insurance eligibility verification service. Contact us today for further details!