"Seamless Integration of Transcription into EMR"
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EMR Dictation Integration Service

Comprehensive EHR / EMR-Integrated Medical Transcription Solutions

Clinical documentation is one of the critical elements in any medical practice as it is related to human life. Entrusted with requirements of fulfilling legal and business factors apart from life-saving responsibility, medical records are supposed to adhere to standards that assist regulatory, professional, and statutory needs of reliable medical-legal documents associated with health care organizations.

Numina Transcription Services, Inc offers smooth EHR Integration Services that easily interface with many medical IT systems.

Perfect Diagnoses and Flaw less Documentation with Numina’s EMR-Dictation Integration Service

Numina helps varied medical practices in generating Electronic Medical Records under integrated standard clinical documentation platform with complete HIPAA compliance. We ensure that each and every medical-legal document we produce is valid and reliable. Our Transcription and EMR Integration solutions not only assure legal validity but also patient safety.

Seamless Integration of Transcription with and EHR / EMR of Your Choice

For providing the most reliable and safe documentation process, choosing the appropriate EMR and integration professionals is of importance. Perfect integration helps in avoiding risk of adverse legal issues and litigation problems. Hospitals and clinicians can safely leave automatic population of their data to Numina, gaining access to complete and accurate documentation. We have a team of experienced professionals servicing hospitals and clinicians for more than a decade.

Benefits of Availing EMR-Integration Services From Numina Transcription Services, Inc

  • Comprehensive and accurate documentation
  • Saving in Time and Resources
  • Blended approach leads to increased productivity
  • Workflow efficiency and quickness
  • Patient encounters get recorded efficiently, offering complete and relevant information
  • Client-specific TAT
  • Completed documents are delivered on real time

Numina offers EMR-integration solutions pertaining to all types of electronic interfaces such as ADT Interface and Document Interface. With dearth of resources growing all over the world, medical practices may well opt for outsourcing their EMR-Integration needs to reliable strategic partners such as Numina for availing special features and meticulous dictation integration services.

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