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Remote Video Surveillance

Revolutionize security with sophisticated yet less expensive Remote Video Surveillance

One of the major concerns among health care facilities across the globe is careful and constant monitoring of patients and various cre activities. There are quite a few measures that offer on the spot observation. While these may prove effective in some ways, they may not be fulfilling all required factors expected by practices.

For tackling varied issues – operating room monitoring, ICU patients’ status surveillance, observation of critical care departments , to name a few, there is hardly any single solution manually possible. Now with technology advancement, it has become possible to monitor your entire system live and round the clock by using remote video surveillance that enables you to react instantly to any untoward activity in the premises concerned. This involves installing video surveillance cameras at the required places.

Proactive Protection- Remote Video Surveillance System

Features of Remote Video Surveillance Service

  • Security breaches can be prevented; Valuable video evidence may be possible – helping improve productivity and avoid false claims
  • Effective monitoring of large areas using minimum human resources; increased security and controlled costs
  • Video cameras record everything and offer review as well as tracking facilities to watch the required premises minute by minute
  • Visual evidence generated by surveillance cameras may be gained from varied locations simultaneously, offering live feeds that are crucial in case of any abnormal incidents

Remote Video Surveillance for Protection and Efficient Care Delivery 

By outsourcing video monitoring tasks to Numina, hospitals may focus on their core processes while safely entrusting us with the surveillance and related activities. We keep vigil every second and assure that every vital element in your medical facility is being closely observed.

Remote Video Monitoring and Protection

With cameras placed at the appropriate vantage points, it becomes easy to observe any activity of importance and take necessary steps in case of any eventuality. Numina Transcription Services, Inc has been providing completely reliable and secure remote video surveillance support to clients located in geographically diverse places effectively.

Benefits of Numina Remote Video Surveillance Solutions

  • Reliable Monitoring Solutions: Providing 24 × 7 video record and saving the security videos – helping with reviews whenever required
  • Remote Access to Data: Clients can monitor the videos anytime by logging in with the help of computers, Smartphones, and any mobile devices
  • Continuous Surveillance increases safety, improves productivity, and assists investigations, when needed
  • Affordable & Automatic: Undisrupted and continuous view of the premises, saving costs on security staff, and unique security solutions to suit the needs of diverse specialties

Numina provides a cost effective as well as proactive remote video surveillance system enhancing the safety and security of medical practices by watching over the area in real time, responding to any eventualities instantly, and preventing any untoward occurrence taking place.