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Medical-Legal Support

Records Retrieval, Litigation, Peer Review, Future Medical Care Planning, IME/QME/DDE Physicians

Across varied industry verticals, namely, risk management offices, insurance organizations, government departments, and so on, medical-legal litigations and issues abound. Handling these diverse processes requires sound knowledge not only in the legal field but also in medical field.

Numina Transcription Services, Inc is equipped with a team of legal professionals with comprehensive experience and knowledge in medical laws as well as litigation. Capable of analyzing health care-related facts and related legal outcomes, our professionals are qualified and educated to assure adherence to legal standards expected in medical practices.

Services Offered

  • Medical Chronology
  • Medical Records Summarization
  • Medical Records Review
  • Medical Records Organization
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Dictation Transcription
  • Back Office Support for Medical-Legal Issues

Key Benefits

  • Effective interpretation of medical records
  • Monitoring compliance and deviation to health care standards
  • Detection of medical record tampering
  • Preparation for trial examination or deposition
  • Assistance in exhibit and other evidence preparation

Exclusive Features in Medical-Legal Support from Numina

  • Medical records / case screening
  • Consultancy & Guidance from Medical Experts
  • Clarification of abbreviations and medical language
  • Legal Research & Complete Drafting
  • Medical Research & Case Strategy Development

We handle cases in diverse areas of medicine including all specialties and departments. By outsourcing your medical-legal service requirements to Numina Transcription Services, Inc, you gain access to customized services that offer cost-effective and accurate solutions. Reliability and reduction in overheads are added benefits you can attain by approaching us.