"Seamless Integration of Transcription into EMR"
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Corporate Overview

Transformation of medical data into usable information

Numina Transcription Services, Inc, pioneers in Technology and performance Management, with focus on Health Information Management (HIM), have facilitated over thousands of medical practices and hospitals across the globe in delivering discernible outcomes and enhancing efficiency. Numina Transcription Services, Inc commits to protecting hospitals’ productivity while improving patient safety and care quality.

Our consummate processes and industry-based skills enable hospitals and medical facilities to most efficiently gather, manage, protect, and examine clinical data efficiently so as to transform it to be more valuable than statistics and numbers. We assure that it turns into robust information leading to enhanced financial achievement. Our services ensure a strong organization and bolster a strong population.

Our seamless integration with all EHRs through most of the contemporary mobile devices improves efficiency of practice , offers easy and fast way of clinical information documentation, and renders EHRs easy to use and adopt.