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Medical Transcription Indiana | Major Transcription Types and Effective Outputs

Fundamentals of Transcription

Transcription in the broader sense is the conversion of recorded dictation that is present in either audio or video format into text format. In reality, transcription is much more than just listening or viewing and typing – it involves presenting the content in a meaningful and relevant manner that fulfills its intended purpose of serving the users effectively.

How Transcription is classified

In the initial stages, transcription used to be just a paper and pen affair, with professionals and individuals dictation either personally or over phone lines and transcriptionists performing the transcribing act. The process of transcription has undergone huge transformation with the advent of information technologies and tools. Voice recorders and online sources have rendered the process of dictation and transcription efficient and accurate.

In the contemporary world, there are several ways of categorizing the transcription process. Depending on the primary factor- the client requirement, three types of transcriptions are found to take the major share. These three types are listed below:

Verbatim Transcription

Edited Transcription

Intelligent Transcription

Verbatim Transcription: Every single sound made or spoken, including exclamations, mumblings, and noises are exactly reproduced in text format in this type of transcription. This in fact includes half-spoken sentences and emotions expressed by means of gestures, and the transcriptionist is supposed to furnish each and every detail in the same sequence without losing even minute stuff. Legal transcriptions involve files that may have to be used as evidences and hence demand a close and careful attention on the dictation to be able to satisfy the purpose. Verbatim transcriptions consume time and are found to be expensive.

Edited Transcription: In this type of transcription, the role of transcriptionist is not mere reproduction of the source file- it is rather putting in a sincere effort to understand the content of the video or audio file and come up with meaningful and enlightening output that satiates the user requirement efficiently. Unnecessary and irrelevant portions need to be omitted by the transcriptionist without spoiling the source file’s information. Demanding expertise and contextual skills, this type of transcription is not only tough but also the well-paid type.

Intelligent Transcription: This type of transcription requires a thorough knowledge about the subject matter and ability to ensure that the transcripts make absolute sense and consist of content that accurately conveys the intended meaning of the person who dictates. Only those words and content that are useful and make meaning need to be transcribed while leaving out other insignificant phrases and sounds must be eliminated. The aim of this type of transcription is to provide a totally meaningful and usable content that furnishes comprehensive output to the user.

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