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Managing and Treating Hearing Loss in Senior Citizens

One of the most common health issues among the elderly people, hearing loss is distinct among people aged between 65 and 74 across the world. Nearly half of the people older than 75 years are faced with this problem. Audiology specialists, managing the hearing – related diseases and conditions in the elderly people, are normally full with appointments. This necessitates them partnering with reliable third-party transcription service providers for ensuring accurate clinical documentation.

Facts and Fundamentals of Hearing Loss
Hearing loss is one frustrating condition that causes trouble in hearing others in conversations. This causes embarrassment and various hardships. Audiologists are medical specialists focusing on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of hearing loss.

There are several reasons for people losing hearing power. Most people start losing their hearing as their age increases. Old age hearing loss is known as presbycusis that occurs gradually and is very common among the elderly people. It is not known why this condition affects only a portion of the aged people.

Treatment Possibilities for Hearing Loss
Depending on factors such as severity of the hearing loss and age, treatment varies. Hearing assistive devices are the effective way to help aged people manage hearing loss. The following are the common treatments available for tackling hearing loss problem:

 Hearing Aids
o Wearable in or behind the ears, these electronic devices help in improving the general hearing of those affected
 Assistive Listening Devices
o This type of amplifying devices can be used for increasing the volume on telephones and cell phones

How to Identify Hearing Loss Problem?
People with a doubt about their own hearing power may self-examine to arrive at the decision of whether or not to go for consultation with audiologists. The following are the criteria for judging this:
 Need for turning up the volume on television or radio since not being able to hear well
 Getting embarrassed due to struggling in hearing when you meet new people
 Feeling limited or restricted in social situations as a result of not being able to make out what others say
 Getting a feeling of being limited in personal and social life because of hearing challenges
 Being told constantly to lower your voice by family members and friends as you speak loudly

Audiology specialty in medicine is mostly busy with the need to manage the hearing power of several aged people. This necessitates the specialists and practices to look for assistance to document their patient information and reports.

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