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Medical Transcription Illinois | Are you seeking reliable and accurate Podiatry Transcription Service?

There has been considerable activity in a podiatrist’s office during the recent past. Busy with meeting patients and entrusted with perfect documentation of patient records, podiatrists, managing the care for people’s feet and ankles are looking for assistance in transcription process.

Increasingly more people visit podiatrist

As such, more and more people tend to consult podiatrists on regular basis for managing their feet in good conditions. What with increasing burden of diseases like diabetes and specific issues related to the feet, foot care has evolved to be one of the important parts in health care. This necessitates podiatrists to spend as much time as possible with their patients, so that they will be able to offer better care.

Importance of Meticulous Transcription Process

Medical professionals, with their hectic schedule are normally starved for time. Rather than sitting in front of their computers hours on end, they had better delegate their documentation tasks to strategic partners who are capable of producing perfect transcripts of all their patient reports and records. This is where the need of an efficient transcription service provider is really felt.

Numinatrans’ Comprehensive Podiatry Report transcription

15 years of industry experience and a team of professional transcriptionists with specific skill in handling dictation from all medical departments have enabled Numinatrans to reach a niche among contemporary transcription service providers. Our experts are knowledgeable in medical terminology, especially regarding diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle-related diseases and conditions.

Our Services include

We specialize in providing timely and accurate transcription solutions for the following:

  • Podiatric surgical procedure documentation
  • Consultation reports & notes
  • Conference records
  • Emergency room reports
  • Lab & Radiology reports
  • Clinic and progress notes
  • Discharge summaries
  • Communication and letter documentation

Advantages of availing our Services

We offer a range of dictation options to physicians and specialists. Our clients may make use of the following modes for dictation:

  • Digital recorder
  • Toll-free Phone
  • Conference call facility

By availing our services, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Complete HIPAA compliance
  • Customized TAT
  • Total data security
  • 24/7 service and assistance
  • Best pricing in the industry
  • No set up charges

Numinatrans ensures secure file transfer, provides a team of skilled and experienced transcriptionists, and assures that your files pass through stringent quality checks. You may rest assured that your documentation process is being handled professionally and in a comprehensive manner. We enable podiatrists to increase their productivity while enhancing their efficiency.

Contact Numinatrans for reliable and quick podiatry transcription solutions.  Our transcripts are perfect and they help you to arrive at better decisions and follow proper treatment methods, thus saving your time!