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Understand the Basics of Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management (MTM), the medical care with an objective of optimizing drug therapy while improving therapeutic patient outcomes, is provided by pharmacists who are the medication experts in the team of health care.

What is Medication Therapy Management?
MTM is a service or group of services provided by pharmacists, aiming at optimizing therapeutic outcomes of individual patients. It includes pharmacotherapy consultation, anticoagulation management, medication therapy reviews, wellness programs, immunizations, and other such clinical services.
The primary focus of MTM is safe and efficient use of medication as well as high-level knowledge needed for helping patients achieve better outcomes. Pharmacists help patients to reap the benefits from medications through MTM services. This is achieved by managing drug therapy actively and by preventing, identifying, and solving medication-related issues.

Significance of MTM
Problems related to medication and medication mismanagement have been proven to be a massive health issue. A huge 1.50 million preventable adverse events have been reported to have occurred each year that result in large very scale injury and death in the U.S.
Provided with a view to improve collaboration among different medical professionals and enhance communication between the health care team and patients, MTM services enable individual patients to participate actively in managing their medications. It helps addressing the urgent public health requirement to prevent medication-related mortality and morbidity.

How is MTM Provided?
Pharmacists work in tandem with physicians and other professionals belonging to the health care team, sticking to evidence-based guidelines. MTM services involve assessment of the patient’s medication therapy regimen; the focus is not on individual medication product.
Pharmacists provide this service in all health care settings that involve patients taking medications. The type of MTM services may differ for different settings, but the sole aim of the pharmacists is ensuring that medication is perfect for the patients and their medical conditions.

Who does MTM Serve?
Whoever makes use of prescription medications, herbals, dietary supplements, or other non-prescription medications will be potentially benefitted from MTM services. Those who use several medications are the people who may benefit most. Moreover, those taking medications that need close monitoring, people who have been hospitalized, those having issues or questions about their medications, and those who need to obtain medications from multiple pharmacies are expected to be benefitted the most.

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