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History & Physical (H &P) Notes Transcription Services

Numina Transcription Services, Inc. has been offering timely and meticulous medical transcription solutions to all types of health care facilities and medical professionals dealing in different specialties. We combine the most modern technology with our qualified transcriptionists’ profound skills for delivering accurate history and physical (H & P) transcription solutions.

What Makes Numinatrans Stand Out
Numinatrans is the pioneer in technology and health care performance management. We focus on health information technology related services and have facilitated numerous health care organizations spread across the world to deliver discernible outcomes. Our accurate H & P Notes transcription solutions have helped several physicians and medical practices in enhancing their productivity while improving their efficiency.

Significant Role of H & P Notes Transcription
The treating physician conducts a thorough physical examination and checks the patients’ history every time individuals are admitted to a medical practice. The physician then dictates his patient report that includes details such as patient medical history, reason for admission, past medication and surgeries, if any, and presents symptoms and medication, among other vital things.

This report, having the critical patient information, is crucial in the future course of treatment. Playing an instrumental role in the patient’s health care, H P notes need to be transcribed in an accurate and reliable manner. Here’s where the need for an efficient and qualified medical transcriptionist is strongly felt.

Highlights of History & Physical Notes Transcription Service by Numinatrans
 Over 99% accuracy
 HIPAA compliance
 Reliable customer service and support
 Flexible TAT
 Reasonable pricing
 Consummate processes and need-based skills

Numinatrans has gained experience by providing relentless transcription services to clients from varied medical fields. We understand the importance of H & P notes; we ensure that our solutions are not only accurate but also timely, so that our clients are able to provide the best medical care to their patients.

Medical practices and physicians who are seeking assistance in their patient report documentation may approach us. Logon to our website www.numinatrans.com for further details.