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Medical Transcription Utah | How to achieve Meticulous Medical Transcription? Here are certain vital steps

Medical Transcription has undergone great changes over the past; it is still evolving – the transformation from converting a dictation voice file to a transcript to speech recognition software and directly entering into Electronic Health Records (EHR) has been made possible by innovation in health information technology

Avoid Health Care Hazards and ensure Patient Safety through Accurate Medical Transcripts

Although transcription doesn’t fall under the hazardous category of jobs, it has its share of possible contribution to health hazards – medical transcription, when not performed in the right manner, might give rise to several health risks caused by errors in the documentation of medical reports.

For ensuring patient safety and improving medical care quality, professionals involved in medical transcription process have had to follow certain crucial steps that eliminate hazards and provide reliable documentation.

Crucial Factors that impact quality of medical transcripts

In the modern health care industry, innovative medical information technologies such as EHR and Practice Management Software (PHR) go hand in hand with medical transcription process, thus improving accuracy and effectiveness of records.

A few critical factors that influence the quality of transcripts, and thus, the care quality, are discussed below:

  • Accuracy of the data: Information that is free of mistakes or that does not mislead is of paramount importance – reports need to be documented in accurate and precise manner
  • Complexity of Patient Situations must be captured: Patients may have complex medical history, surgical procedures may be complicated to document, and narrative about follow up might prove complex – effective documentation of complexity of patient case is essential
  • Time management: Documentation of health care reports is a critical process, but physicians’ time spent with patients must not be compromised – documentation process must enable physicians to focus more on their patients

Steps to accomplish flawless and supporting transcripts

The major changes that have rendered the medical transcription process effective reliable have been listed below:

  • Digital Recording: Physicians’ dictation now being recorded using electronic means offers flexibility and accuracy
  • EHR Software: Patient records can be exchanged easily and various providers can access these with the device of their preference
  • Error-free Health records: Accuracy has always been the primary requirement of transcription process – identifying errors proves crucial
  • Voice Recognition Software: In place of creating records from scratch, transcriptionists have been enabled to edit and review output from voice recognition software
  • Improved training: People who prepare patient notes and create medical records are being extensively trained – increasing productivity and avoiding errors
  • Increases quality: Not just TAT, quality expectation of medical transcripts have improved considerably

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