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Hematology Transcription Service

Hematology, the medical science dealing with study of blood vessels, plays an important role in identifying the root cause of several diseases. For treating a disease as well as preventing various ailments, hematologists need to pore through numerous lab reports and other clinical notes, before they can arrive at a decision. In addition, they may have to interact with other professionals such as oncologists, medical technologists, and lab technicians for understanding the primary reason behind a disease. Inflow of such voluminous reports and information necessitates specialists to seek hematology Transcription Service Providers with expertise and experience.

Numina Transcriptions, pioneers in medical transcription service, have mastered the technique of following both audio and verbal dictation and producing reliable and perfect medical transcripts that assist Hematology specialists. A completely trustworthy precision, software for speech recognition, and HIPAA compliance assure client satisfaction in all aspects of hematology transcription solutions.

Our Hematology Transcription Services Include

  • Clinical summary
  • Lab test reports
  • Consultation notes
  • Independent medical assessments
  • SOAP notes
  • Discharge summaries

We serve varied types of facilities such as physicians, hospitals, individual practitioners, and clinics. We have achieved a niche among peers by offering hematology transcription service in highly professional manner with reliable quality.

  • Numina Transcription advantages
  • Accurate transcripts
  • Choice over dictation methods
  • Highly secure file transfer
  • EMR Interface
  • Cost saving
  • Short TAT

For time-saving and meticulous hematology transcription service, please contact: kevin.ross@numinatrans.com