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Pediatrics Transcription Service

Pediatricians frequently require quick transcription of their various notes and records for effective treatment of patients. Treating and managing methods are often different in pediatrics, when compared to adult medicine. At Numina Transcriptions, it is our endeavor to serve pediatricians, hospitals, and pediatric research centers in efficiently converting their oral records and notes into flawless digital records. Our pediatric transcription services cover young patients’ medical history, clinical notes, lab reports, emergency room notes, and discharge summaries. Transcription of these data is performed in a fast and authentic manner.

Accurate, total, and timely documentation is critical for every health care service, regardless of size and specialty. Pediatric physicians and facilities are no exceptions. Solo practitioners and large institutions alike, there is need for pediatrics transcription service the world wide.

Key features in our Services

  • Choice of easy dictation modes such as toll-free number, digital recorder, and others
  • Fast and secure file transfer using 256 nit AES encryption
  • Adherence to HIPAA guidelines
  • 3-Lvel quality control process
  • Advanced software and tools are being used for transcription

Benefits of availing numinatrans services

  • EMR interface
  • Customer-specific TAT
  • Competitive pricing
  • Long-term contracts not needed
  • Highest level of quality
  • Over 99% accuracy

Avail free trial to get acquainted with us. Contact www.numinatrans.com for error-free and quick pediatric transcription services! Email:  kevin.ross@numinatrans.com