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Remote Video Surveillance Solutions: The IP and Analog Camera Difference

Basically there are two types of video surveillance systems, namely, CCTV camera, also known as analog camera, and the IP camera, also known as network camera. In CCTV system, video signal is converted into a format that may be used by televisions, VCRs, and DVRs, while the IP camera converts video signal into IP packets that are transmitted to a network storage device over the Internet or the data network.

Role of Remote Video Surveillance Systems in Security
There has been great concern over the security of not only premises and assets but also human life and intellectual property in the modern age. Engaging security staff to watch over the valuables has its own drawbacks and is obsolete. These necessitate careful implementation of an efficient video surveillance system that offers comprehensive solution to all security-related needs.

How IP Camera Differs from Analog
An IP camera, basically a digital video camera that is capable of sending and receiving data over a computer network is beneficial in several ways as mentioned below:
 Picture Quality
o The resolution of the image captured by the IP camera is superior to that of an analog camera. Moreover, a much wider field of view can be captured by IP cameras.
 Video Analytics
o It is possible to set the network to flag events – relieving the need to pore over long footage, you will be able to pin point when exactly these events have occurred.
 Scalability and Flexibility
o Unlike the traditional analog set-up where each camera needs to be directly connected to the DVR, IP cameras make use of switches. These switches let the cameras that are in close proximity to one another to be connected to a single switch. This runs a single wire to the network video recorder.
 Cost of cabling
o Cabling cost of IP camera is lower than that of CCTV camera

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